Black & Gold
April 17th, 2012



Top- DAG

Some pictures Ive had in my computer for a while.  They were taken  by my cousin when I was in Peru. I love the top, its from DAG, a peruvian brand. The blouse is second hand and the bag was from my mum. She wore it when she was my age and now its one of my favorites.
I honestly would love to write more but I have a couple of assignments to do for school and cant imagine how the heck im going to draw with this weather, I mean it literally feels like an oven and I cant even keep my hands for too long in the laptops keypad. ugh
hope youre having a nice week!

Estas son algunas fotos que he tenido guardadas por un tiempo.. no se por que nunca las postie, quizas por que son un toque simples . Las tome cuando estaba en Peru en enero. El polo es de DAG, una marca peruana increible. La blusa es de segunda mano y la cartera era de mi mama.. ella la usaba cuando era joven y ahora es mi mochila favorita. Probablemente se emocione cuando vea este post ja :)
En fin me encantaria escrbir un poco mas pero tengo un par de tareas que hacer y nisiquiera se como voy a hacerlas con este calor, el clima esta loco ha hecho 31 grados hoy. Todo es un horno.
que tengan una linda semana, adios!

23 thoughts on “Black & Gold

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  2. Stella IVA

    My first commet on your blog!

    First, I want to say you’re georgeous!

    Second, I have to ask … Is it a tattoo on your back? Or is it a print on your shirt?

    You are amazing, pretty, I love your hair, it look like fire! And your style is unbelievable …

  3. Diana

    Mmmhmm, this is the shit. I love how that top is not your average and the button up consists of such perfect colors. Can’t get over how sick fish nets look with some ankle socks and creepers.

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