June 15, 2017

BONNAROO with Teva

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Oh Bonnaroo! If you remember I went a few years back and it honestly was my favorite festival so far. So this year I got so so excited when Teva invited me to join them back at ‘Roo as I’ve been wanting to go back ever since! Last time we didn’t camp, so this year the experience was a million times better. We got to stay so close to the festival it took us literally 5 minutes to get there walking from our camp site. Keep scrolling to get an insider’s look into this incredible experience that happens once a year out on The Farm in Tennessee.

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Loved chilling by our tents while we waited for the festival doors to open! I was wearing a very chilly oversized t-shirt as a dress and my Teva Flatform Sandals.

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There was a market inside the festival and I couldn’t resist getting a couple of things. I loved the bohemian vibes and all the little shops that were mostly packed with handmade stuff.

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Outfit two: this time I wore a pair of jeans and a crop top for the warm weather. It’s all about balancing so you don’t die in the heat.


Happy as a clam waiting for Future Islands

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The madness and magic while Crystal Castles played

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And I got to see Glass Animals, one of my favorite bands 🙂

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More positive vibes! Literally someone came and gave you a high five every 5 minutes walking around the festival.

Photo Jun 12, 9 07 33 AM 388A3966

Night lights outside our tents

Photo Jun 11, 1 12 55 PM copy

I got to experience the Teva Outpost bus which was so cool.  So many fun things to do while shopping for so many different styles of Teva sandals like a custom sandal engraving station, festival essential items to buy and just a fun group of people spreading good festival vibes.

Photo Jun 11, 3 16 38 PM copy 388A4147 Photo Jun 12, 3 11 30 PM

This outfit was completely improvised and I loved it.  I literally forgot it would be so hot. I brought a pair of overalls that were too heavy to wear so I bought this skirt and top at the market at Bonnaroo that matched perfectly with my white Teva Flatform sandals!  I’m so glad because I got to take a couple of souvenirs with me that I will wear so much and will always remind me of this wonderful weekend.

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And that was my weekend at Bonnaroo J hope you guys liked this post and definitely let me know your favorite Bonnaroo look!


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