June 20, 2017

Old Ways

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Everything had been in my closet for years.

This look was all about improvising with old pieces I had trying to recreate an outfit I saw in the streets. If anything, by living in Peru and moving a thousand times, I have learnt that you can recreate any outfit you see with your own pieces. You just need some creativity and a not be afraid to switch up some things you would never wear again. I got these vintage pants back in Peru a million ages ago… and they were huge, seriously they would fit me so loose they literally fell off my body. Had them for a few years and finally took them to a tailor and made them the exact way I wanted: high waisted and tapered in the ankles. Then these hoops… You know I have a lot of hoops but none of them the way I wanted. The other day I was at a 99 cent store with my mom looking for some home cleaning supplies and spotted these earrings. They were literally how I wanted. I mean, I love me good quality jewelry, don’t get me wrong, but these had the perfect thickness and length I haven’t seen anywhere so they had to be mine. Finally the little bow was actually a rag of clothing I cut out of an old blouse I didn’t want anymore. I cropped it, and the remaining cloth became this head accessory. If you ever cut something don’t throw what’s left away, try to think of another way to wear it, you might come up with something that can be an original element to any outfit. Trust me you don’t find rags of clothing on a store, but you might come up with a cool bandeau top, a belt, a head piece or even a cool weird scarf. You never know ๐Ÿ™‚

Este look fue totalmente improvisado con prendas viejas que tenia en mi closet. Si algo he aprendido de vivir en Peru y mudarme mas de cinco veces en los ultimos aรฑos es que puedes recrear cualquier look que ves con prendas viejas que ya tienes. Solo necesitas un poco de creatividad y no tener miedo a alterar algunas prendas que ya no usarias mas. Este pantalon vintage lo compre en Peru hace siglos… literalmente en mi closet por aรฑos pero eran gigantes, tan grandes que se me caian. Al fin me anime a mandarlos a meter y los hice exactamente como queria, a la cintura y con los tobillos un poco metidos. Luego estas argollas… seguro han visto que tengo miles de argollas pero ningun par era exactamente como queria. El otro dia estaba en el 99 cent stor con mi madre buscando cosas de limpieza de casa y encontre un pack de aretes en la caja. Tenia las argollas con la forma perfecta, el grosor y largo que he estado buscando. Asi que me anime y ahora las uso demasiado! De hecho prefiero joyeria de calidad pero aveces las piezas mas basicas e ideales las encuentras en lugares que no te imaginarias. Finalmente el lazito era un pedazo de tela de una blusa que corte. Era una blusa vintage que ya no me gustaba y decidi hacerla cropped… y lo que sobro lo use de paรฑuelo para la cabeza. Si alguna vez cortan algo no boten lo que sobra, aveces pueden encontrar maneras de usar esa tela ya sea un top, un cinturon o hasta una vincha que le puede dar un toque a cualquier look ๐Ÿ™‚


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