DC with The Cut and Frye.


Check the whole photo diary of my DC adventures on The Cut.

As you may already know from my instagram, a month ago I had the amazing chance to go to Washington DC with Frye and The Cut. I went with my boyfriend and we had such an incredible weekend. I've been to some states within

Little Memories | NYC


One of those weekend days I just walk around with my boyfriend to discover every little corner in New York. Theres so much love for this city I can't explain in words but only pictures. But as usual, one can never take enough.

Dress - Can U Not
Shoes-  similar here
Backpack -  


IMG_0606 copyl.jpg

After a million years, heres another random post. I know, its been such a long time since the last one, but Instagram is to blame. But I will post these every once in a while though :) Some pictures are super old, so thats why the long hair and colder weather.  The first picture was taken on



A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to attend Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival thanks to Garage, one of my favorite stores.  Heres a little recap of my experience!


December Photo Diary | New York


This is seriously one of the longest Photo Diarys I have posted ever. I apologize for the infinite scroll down you just experienced. I've been wearing casual pants and long coats during these days for school. The weather is pretty chill so I've started to incorporate scarves to my outfits. I really love this long

Photo Diary II | New York


More random pictures.. I had too many so  I thought it would be better split the post in two. Most of these pictures were taken by my boyfriend after the hurricane hit the east coast. The last photo and the pictures where I'm wearing the  Chicwish parka were taken the morning after Sandy. I was

Photo Diary – Part I | New York


Random pictures. I've been having such a great time lately. Some of the pictures are from around where I live. I really like it here, its not crowded and lousy as the city and theres so much inspiration from buldings, cute little shops and some of the best dressed people I've seen, everyone dresses pretty