December 19, 2017

Claryville, NY- Photo Diary

Photo Dec 17, 6 48 59 PM_88A4966p_88A4970 _88A501w3 _88A4999   _88A5009Photo Dec 18, 12 46 01 PMPhoto Dec 18, 5 35 23 PMPhoto Dec 19, 2 58 12 PM_88A5068-2Photo Dec 18, 9 07 34 PM_88A4921s_88A4951_88A5002_88A5050Photo Dec 19, 2 44 10 PMPhoto Dec 19, 3 00 11 PM foto (1 of 1)-2D Photo Dec 18, 11 56 58 AM_88A5028Photo Dec 19, 2 46 52 PM_88A5001
Green sweater – vintage/ similar here here and here
Beige scarf/ throw – H&M
Custom ripped jeans – 3×1 / shop more 3×1 here
Shoes – Louis Vuitton / similar here! same almost
Eyeglasses – similar glasses here
Brown/ greyish sweater – Carve Desings
Jacket – Michael Kors (borrowed from my friend Dani)
Green pants – Missguided 
Striped sweater – vintage/ similar here and here

Some random photos from my trip to Claryville last weekend, a small town upstate New York, three hours away from the city.  We stayed at a friends’ cabin house with a group of friends and it was so relaxing! Literally that typical unforgettable trip where theres a lot of food and cooking included, fun games (including Secret Santa gift exchange) and of course your mandatory glass of wine. We didn’t have any signal or connection so it was a real getaway from everything. The cabin where we stayed was so beautiful and cozy, literally in the middle of a small lovely town. We also walked to this isolated little hill that had a piano in the middle of nothing! It was such an incredible experience… sometimes its good to step out from your routine, and realize there can be so many hidden treasures so close to you to discover and explore.


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