November 3, 2015

Cold Whites.


Le Happy wearing Melissa shoes and striped turtleneck Le Happy wearing Melissa shoes and striped turtleneck Le Happy wearing Melissa shoes and striped turtleneck Le Happy wearing Melissa shoes and striped turtleneck Le Happy wearing Melissa shoes and striped turtleneck Le Happy wearing Melissa shoes and striped turtleneck Le Happy wearing Melissa shoes and striped turtleneck Le Happy wearing Melissa shoes and striped turtleneck Le Happy wearing Melissa shoes and striped turtleneck Le Happy wearing Melissa shoes and striped turtleneck Le Happy wearing Melissa shoes and striped turtleneck Le Happy wearing Melissa shoes and striped turtleneck Le Happy wearing Melissa shoes and striped turtleneck
Photos by Christina Shields

ELIZABETH AND JAMES Jacket (old season) – similar here (I also have this one and its amazing)
Staple the Label sweater – similar here and here
Boohoo disco leggings
Melissa Shoes

When in doubt, just throw on a monochrome outfit (literally my motto every day).  Its one of those outfits that I could live in for days, so simple yet cool because of the white shoes and shiny leggings. I’ve been living in my jeans as of lately so throwing on these disco leggings was a fresh way to change my look somehow, without the need of switching to shorts.

The make up is definitely different if you were wondering. After spending some days doing my make up for halloween with a make up artist & friend of mine, I learnt some tricks and techniques. Here I was wearing some fake lashes (because I finally learnt how to wear them! i always made a mess when I tried) and added a white line under my eyes to make them look bigger. I swear im obsessed with the look, seems more of a cartoon which is what I always strive for haha.  To be honest, I’m used to being told I wear too much make up sometimes (through instagram comments actually). I must say I really don’t care about that at all, I love make up and I will never stop just because i’m told to, I have so much fun changing my looks and thats what matters :) its funny because some people talk about it as if I had no idea when in fact I’m more aware about it than anyone because clearly I’m the one that wears all that stuff.  What are your thoughts on this? are you ever told negative things about something and just ignore it? id love to hear you! have a lovely day people.


Una de las frases que mas uso es : cuando tengan dudas, simplemente vayan por un look monocromatico. Este es uno de esos looks en los que puedo vivir por dias, tan simple pero divertido por los zapatos blancos y las leggings un poco brillosas. He estado viviendo en jeans ultimamente asi que usar estas leggings fue una manera fresca de cambiar mi look sin la necesidad de ir por shorts con medias.

En fin, el maquillaje que uso es un toque distinto si se preguntan. Luego de pasar algunos dias con un maquillador antes de halloween, he aprendido algunos trucos y tecnicas que ahora estoy aplicando. Aqui me puse pestañas postizas (por que al final aprendi a ponermelas! siempre hacia un desastre jaja) y me hice una linea gruesa blanca debajo de los ojos para hacer que se vean un poco mas grandes. Les juro que amo el efecto que hace que es como de cartoon, basicamente el tipo de look que mas me gusta jaja. Para ser sincera estoy acostumbrada a que me digan que uso mucho maquillaje (sobretodo en los comentarios de instagram). Pero debo confesar que realmente me importa poco, amo el maquillaje y jamas dejare de usar la cantidad que me parece por que alguien mas me lo dice. Me divierto tanto cambiando mis looks que eso es lo que importa. Es chistoso por que muchos lo mencionan como si yo no tuviera idea cuando en realidad lo se muy bien por que yo soy la que se pone todo eso en la cara jaja. En fin, que opinan del tema? alguna vez les dicen algo negativo sobre su look y lo ignoran? o tienen problemas al respecto? me encantaria escuchar su opinion! que tengan un lindo dia :)


  • You look amazing dear!!

  • OMG!! Those shoes are like mine, however my shoes is burgundy!

  • LOOL! No way, Lua. Your makeup game is just right and not overwhelming. You don’t wear “too much”, I actually consider yours on the lighter side. Even if you did, as long as you’re happy and comfortable with what’s beneath, that’s all that matter! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You seriously made my day with this outfit!


  • Absolutely love your monochrome outfits! Usually I’m told that I wear too much black, but I’ve been doing it for years so negative comments don’t really affect me.

  • Love this outfit, those shoes are amazing! And I think your make up looks perfect! :) X Minale

  • Love the black and white look. Black and white always look so classy in my mind.
    Love the jacket :) I have a similar one myself :)

  • You look ah-mazing! and of course, the outfit is perfection!


  • Such a cool look with the biker jacket!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • You do what make you happy Lua people are always going talk thir shit no matter what I learned that my self and I really don’t care what people tell me now live what you love your awesome an person keep on going♡

  • that jacket is to die for!


  • I love the makeup you’re wearing here! You’re so beautiful!

  • Love your sweater<3

    Shall We Sasa

  • I think you should ignore anyone who tells you that about your make up, your make up is one of the things i admire about you, it always looks so amazing!

    Dana ||

  • The makeup looks good because of the pictures. Clearly heavy makeup too much blush and the foundation is too light for you..Suits you but you dont need that much. At least just learn how to put lashes silly girl (8th picture for reference)

    • hey! you can’t say “because of the pictures” when you haven’t seen me in real life. I barely wear foundation, its more powder if anything. I also said I just learnt how to put on lashes so basically saying I am not a pro in the game… perhaps you should meet me in real life to know what youre talking about, silly girl ;)

  • Bianca Gherman says:

    Your makeup is just as awesome as your style. This look is very flattering and you rock it! Noticed a difference in your eyebrows as well<3
    Love from Romania! Keep up the good work.

    • haha I do my eyebrows differently every time! its like playing around with that too, theres so many ways to do your eyebrows so I just experiment. thanks love!

  • I would’t wear so much make up myself, but just because I don’t feel it’s “me” and also because I have a square face, if I put too much I look like à trans… ;)
    Si I just wear really black eyes.

    But I think it’s you, your look, your way of expression and you beautiful both natural and with make up. You’re dam right not listen the coments. Be what you want.

    I’m often told I dress too short or too sexy.
    I don’t care neither.
    I just go with what I want to wear. Really. Life’s too short already, I don’t want to spend it worrying about what peolpe think.

    • I totally get you :) I don’t go around looking at other peoples make up or if they are wearing too much or too little, I just love seeing girls being happy on how they look, with or without make up, with their real hair color or a crazy purple color, I don’t mind. Its all about appreciating others decisions and not worrying about what others think. Also, dress the way you want! if you feel good in a sexy outfit or a long black dress that covers your face, its all good, at the end just like you said, life is short. couldnt agree more!!!

  • Me dicen continuamente que visto demasiado oscuro, que parece que voy a un funeral jaja! pero eso no me hace cambiar mi estilo. Me encante el nuevo aire de tu maquillaje, creo que está bien experimentar con lo que solemos llevar a diario. Por cierto, el jersey oversize con los zapatos blancos me hace pensar en un look de dibujo animado, me encanta! Un saludo

    • jajaja a mi tambien me dicen que visto mucho de negro y de ahi cuando uso mucho color que que paso con mis looks todos negros jaja. Nunca van a estar felices, al final se trata de que tu seas feliz ;)

  • I think they’re just jealous cause you’re too awesome. It’s always good to change your style and try new stuff, that’s normal. Love you girl <3

  • Lua, I know that feeling! Some people say the same thing to me. My boyfriend hates when I wear ‘so much make up’. But I don’t care! I love dark lipstick and eye liner. I think it’s a way to express ourselves. Anyway, your look is really amazing, I love Melissa! It’s a brazilian brand and I love that all shopping centers here in Brazil have a store of Melissa. So, keep using your make up, posting these amazing pics and making my day a little better! <3 And sorry about my english, its not so good.

    • oh my god I love Melissa too! I just tried these shoes and had to take them with me they are so comfortable! and dont even talk about boyfriends lol, my boyfriend just got used to my heavy lipstick and now he loves it and finds it funny because hes like “I hate that you wear too much of it but you look so good” lol.

  • Love this look!
    Honestly I’ve been told that before too, and I feel like it’s a little silly. I mean everyone has their own standards and opinion of beauty. All it really means to me is that the person saying it prefers a more natural look than I do. Personally I love experimenting with different lipsticks and eye make-up, I feel like it’s a form of art. Either way, your make-up always looks flawless in my opinion!

  • Loving the white in this, looks incredible <3

    The Quirky Queer

  • These shoes *-*

  • No hagas caso de los comentarios del maquillaje, yo creo que va perfecto con tu estilo, y por mucha cantidad que uses si el resultado es bueno ¿Qué más da? a mi también me pasa bastante, mucha gente me dice que porqué uso maquillaje, pero yo paso porque es lo que realmente me gusta :)

  • Eres super linda y me encanta tu maquillaje se t ve super lindo c:

  • oh I really love the texture of the leggings and I agree with the monochrome motto!

  • Hola luaaa… Espero leas mi comentario.. Adecir verdad me pasa mucho. Soy muy cambiante con los looks y muchas veces me quedan bien y otras no tanto. Recibo criticas constantemente tanto de mi familia como amigos ,antes me sentia fea y un poco mal por esas cosas. Entonces cambiaba mi look a algo mas normal o ala moda (Argentina) Dado que soy rockera mis looks aveces son un tanto extraños.. Ahora , hace poco un mes hable con una chica con complejos mas fuertes que los mios ala hora de vestirse , que aveces no salia de su casa por eso e incluso en verano usaba campera para tapar su cuerpo. Entonces llegue ala conclusion de que no importa como te veas bien o mal ,incluso si te ves horrible , pero si realmente te sientes comoda asi esta bien y eso es lo que importa.Por eso ahora ignoro los comentarios , y solo visto como me gusta y jamas usare de nuevo algo que no me agrade.en fin Amo tu estilo y como te arriesgas a experimentar constantemente,sin que te importe lo que otros esperan de ti.Me resulto un poco llamativo que hables un poco mas de tus opiniones en el blog ,me gusto mucho .Y perdon por escribir tanto :)

  • Effortlessly stunning as always!! Teach me your ways x


  • Lua, tu tambien haz pasado por el acoso callejero que siempre se vive en Lima? Por ponerte ropa o tan pegada o tan chiquita que los hombre mayosos por montón te miran o te dicen “piropos” u obscenidades. Porfavor, cual es tu opinion sobe eso, hay cosas que no se pueden manejar mas cuando ya no respetan tu espacio como mujer! Espero de todo corazón que respondas hacia eso, que seguramente alguien lo leerá o estará pasando lo mismo que yo :(

  • You’re killing the monochrome look, gorgeous outfit! And I think your make up really suits you so go ahead and do what’s comfortable for you! :)

  • Adore this contrast look! Beautiful platforms to brave the cold. Adore~

  • Me encanta este look!! Respecto a los comentarios, a mi todo el mundo me dice que siempre voy de blaco o de negro. Me lo dicen como si fuera una sosa que no tiene imaginación, pero que se supone que debo hacer si es la ropa que mas me gusta la que mejor me queda!!

    • exacto!!!! siempre digo eso. que importa si te pones el mismo outfit todos los dias, pues si te queda bien te queda bien! jaja juro que si no tuviese un blog estaria estancada en el mismo look (todo negro, o blanco y negro), por eso es que aveces posteo looks parecidos en instagram :p pero en fin, gracias por tu comentario tan lindo!

  • Me encanta tu maquillaje. No entiendo como alguien puede decir algo malo de ti. Tienes un estilo único y además me ayudas mucho a llevar nuevas cosas en mi propio estilo. Sigue siendo como eres porque me encantaaaaas ❤❤

  • Love this casual look, especially the white shoes! They really make the outfit pop x

  • Laurieann says:

    Your make-up is part of you and your style ! Eye liner and lipstick is part of “le happy” such as your jeans or leather jackets !
    When you share pictures with pink lipstick, I always think this is “not you” because I’m more used to see you with darker lips !
    You should add together with the brands of your clothes the name of your lipsticks because I really found them great and I would love to try them too !
    Love from Paris !

  • I love this look! It looks so comfy and simple, perfect for a chill day! The sweater also looks extremely warm

    Records of my Troubles

  • As always your hair is amazing!

    || D I A N A ||

  • You shouldn’t worry what others think. What matters is that you feel good.
    I love bold eye makeup and dramatic eyeliner, i also have red hair. Sometimes people compare me with my twin sis who goes for natural looks, usually just mascara, blond hair. And they say i wear too much makeup. But it’s what makes me feel like myself and i love it, will always keep doing this no matter what others say.
    Love your style <3 never stop being yourself

  • Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy. Anyone who disses you for your makeup is ugly with green envy. Stay beautiful and don’t let them ever get to you!

  • I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! Also, your makeup is rad so whoever tells you that you wear too much doesn’t know the joys of a vampy lip and winged liner. Great blog!

  • Lindo look lua! En Blanco o en negros eres siempre perfecta! I al respecto de los comentarios no les hagas caso tu eres una linda chica que tiene un gran stilo i un gran corazon! Saludos:)

  • Angélica Espeje says:

    Claro que no parece que te pones mucho maquillaje, se te ve muy bien y muy profesional; a veces debes de portarte un poco narcisista y no prestar atención a los comentarios negativos; estar super linda y amo tu estilo

  • María Flea says:

    Yo soy de usar maquillaje a diario según me apetece más o menos, y si me dicen que llevo mucho maquillaje simplemente me río para mis adentros porque no tienen ni idea de maquillarse o sólo quieren hacerme sentir mal, lo importante es que yo me siento bien con ello puesto y tengo el poder de verme diferente cuando quiero simplemente cambiando un labial o el eyeliner. ¡En la variedad está el gusto!

  • mmmmmm

  • tc serdar beken says:

    seni çok seviyorum ❤❤❤

  • Hi Luanna, I’m a huge fan of the blog it’s my fav and i totally get you when people say you wear too much make up. I’ve gotten that a couple times and make up is just fun and i like getting better at it. That doesn’t mean i feel i need it but i just like make up. Your make up always looks nice and you’re so beautiful. I loved this post it was inspiring and your outfits are cool, your style has inspired me a lot

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