November 1, 2015

Sundays at home

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Sweatshirt- Birdcage Private Party
Pants – Birdcage Rialto Jean Project
Shoes – Converse

One of my favorite thingsis finding cool curated shops of pieces that are unique and you can’t seem t find anywhere. With so many sartorial options out there its nice to step out of your comfort zone and wear something original and refreshing. Well that’s where Birdcage comes in, a shop within Lord and Taylor that carries original pieces with an arty feel from independent brands. Anyways, my love for vintage jeans keeps growing with every new pair I get. I just love that they all fit differently! These were hand painted Rialto Jean Project, an inspiring brand that also supports art therapy programs at children’s hospitals. I paired them with grey to keep the color scheme light and picked a Private Party sweatshirt from Lord & Taylor that literally describes my life.

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