February 8, 2011

Deer Dance


A few days ago the amazing brand Pretty Sunday sent me an email offering me one of their LOVELY tops. I was thrilled when I checked their website since all of them were so pretty. I chose this cute deer print crop top with lace underneath and I received it a couple of days ago. Cant wait to pair it with my denim high waisted shorts or maybe a maxi skirt would look good with that see through lace.

I have decided that I will make a weekly post with an answer to your questions. Since I receive some questions from you that I want to answer more deeply, I will take more time to fully answer one every week! What do you think? Lets start today. Ask me anything you want to know about any topic there is. Could be about a personal thing, about a trend, about my thoughts on a topic, could be a profund subject or any stupid matter you would like me to share with you. By the end of the week I will make a post answering that, with pictures to illustrate whatever is needed to answer.

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