June 25, 2012

Dots & Studs.


Blouse- La Petite Marmoset

Denim Jacket- Wilma+ Winston

Shorts- She Inside

I wasnt even sure if I wanted to post this since I feel there isnt any picture that shows the outfit perfectly. But well.. yes.. im back to bows. I found this little cute bow in my room here in Peru and realized I totally forgot how much they can add to an outfit. I loved how it made this outfit more sweet and less grunge as my usual ones when I wear the beanie. A denim jacket and a hawaiian blouse is one of my favorite combinations. I actually wore the blouse again on saturday with a pair of denim studded shorts , fishnet tights,  leather jacket and a messy hair bun. I still cant get enough of it yet, I have so many more combinations in my head so I guess you will see it very often over here.
Anyways I swear I have tons of outfits to share but Ive been all over the place last week.  I have much more spare time now , so I plan to update everyday. Hope you had a nice weekend!
Si, estoy usando lazos de nuevo. Encontre esta belleza en mi cuarto aca en Lima y me di cuenta que me habia olvidado por completo cuanto pueden cambiar un look. El outfit se ve mas dulce y menos grunge como cuando me pongo el beanie/gorro negro. La combinacion de la blusa con estampado hawaiano y la casaca/chaqueta de jean me encanta.. Amo la blusa, es mas la use el sabado con un short de jean oscuro con tachas, una casaca de cuero, panties de coco y el pelo recogido y desordenado, era un look un poco mas “oscuro”.  Ya la he usado varias veces y aun tengo mas ideas para combinarla asi que seguro la ven por aca seguido.
Prometo que posteare mas seguido que la semana pasada, he andado de qui para alla pero ahora tengo mucho mas tiempo libre! Espero que hayan tenido un lindo fin de semana. 

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