July 26, 2011

Heaven’s gonna burn your eyes

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Bustier- VintageDocs- Second handShorts- Second hand, ripped and modified by meKimono-SosieNecklaces- Modekungen 

I need to stop chopping my bangs. I have the tendency to think that cutting the hair is like brushing it or combing it. Yesterday I was getting myself ready and my bangs were on a bad day so impulsively I just grabbed the scissors and cut them before going out! I regret now because I was planning to let them grow.. its like yeah today I will have bangs, as if  my hair would grow back the next day.. ah, I guess Ill have to wait  again.. A lot of people have asked me how I do my hair.. I dyed the top part red and bleached the tips which turned to this yellowish-orangy tone. I did the exact thing you imagined. 
As you may have seen Im a little bit too into kimonos or capes or whatever you call them.. but dont worry its just a temporary thing..  Its a shame I cant wear them too much here, its too cold to be wearing a light fabric 🙁 

Oh and Im deeply in love with this girl. just listen to her mellow voice.

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