July 9, 2010

Hello hurricane, youre not enough

Hello hello. I have been very busy these couple of days going from one place to another. Went with my cousin to the tailor so that he could modify a couple of his things. I have SO many things to alter but I dont want to spend money for the rest of the month. I have some unworn clothes and need to wear them before trying to change other garments. Need some limits.

I already knew WHOWHATWEAR before but I never really gave attention to it. Now im an addict. This site conveys all the good pictures of celebrities and bloggers. Some celebrities dress a little bit too weird for me but here they show real stylish ones.
Im planning a trip to the jungle with my boyfriend. There are lots of amazing places to go, Im so excited. We still need make the reservations and check cheap hotels and cheap tickets but we want to go by the start of august. Im dying for tropical warm weather!
Here I am wearing my second hand blouse, some thigh high socks, leather jacket and the beanie I love. For shoes I was wearing oxfords.


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