August 18, 2018


Top – Boohoo
Pants – Missguided / shop my favorite striped pants below!

Spending some days in Milan and its so beautiful in summer. These pictures were taken around 8pm so that’s why they are a bit grainy but I wanted to share this look!
I’ve been alternating between silhouettes and I’m a little obsessed with wide legged high waisted pants. There are a few tips that have worked for me when wearing wide legged trousers:
1. High waisted are a must. I always wear them super high waisted and tight on the waist, so they look longer and flattering.
2. I pair them with a crop or a bodysuit to accentuate the silhouette. When you wear something super wide at the bottom you want to make sure your figure is shown somehow.
3. I always always wear high heels/ platforms so they look longer and it’s even better if the pants are long enough to actually hide the heel. This gives the illusion that the pant + heel is your entire leg haha.
4. If you wear a print make sure its flattering, like vertical stripes that enlongate the figure or small prints like tiny flowers or dots. When wearing wide legged pants I wouldn’t go for bigger floral prints or dots since these can be confusing and hide the figure!
5. Confidence. Its all about wearing everything with conviction that YOU love it and YOU are comfortable in your own skin. Honestly a few years ago I would’ve felt insecure in this outfit and now I just feel happy on my own skin and wear whatever I want, without thinking about what anyone else could think 🙂 If you love it then go for it.


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