September 15, 2017




Off shoulder blouse – Shop Le Happy coming soon

Jeans – vintage / similar here

Shoes – Converse

Bag – JW Anderson via Farfetch

Shopping is easy and definitely addictive, yes. But deciding to invest in a high-end designer bag can be a little bit scary, especially if it means to spend a big portion of your income in just one single piece. With time I have come to learn (the hard way, experience is a cruel teacher) that it is better to go for long lasting purchases rather than go around spending less but more frequently in bags that end up cluttering your closet, and of course that you won’t want to wear next season

Lately I’ve been spending more time on sites like Farfetch researching and looking the right pieces, that will last for a lifetime. But of course, just like you, I have had given a double thought to most of my purchases, and left things on my cart so many times! So I’m sharing my top five tips, those always work for me, and might work for you if you’re planning on buying your first (second? third?) designer bag:

  1. Choose the right bag for YOU: I always always make sure the bag is actually my style and reflects my personality. There are so many beautiful designer bags out there, I mean sometimes I would drool over a bag someone else is wearing but is it actually 100% the right bag for me? Make sure you invest in a bag that you will want to wear every day and not the bag your friends want to see you wearing!
  2. Will you give it a lot of wear? You might want to invest in a bag that you will wear often, that bag that will make those pennies worth it. So make sure you think of as many outfits as possible. A very great tip that always work for me is, give yourself a week or more and every morning before heading out, think “would I wear the bag I want with this outfit?” if it happens more than three times, then that is the right bag for you. You want something that is for you, not something you want to accommodate to. That brings me to my next tip…
  3. Size is important. If you always wear small bags and are a small bag girl, you know you should invest in a small one and the other way around. I myself like small-medium bags that don’t make too much bulk, and most of my big bags end up in my closet every day! So make sure you pick the size you ALWAYS tend to go for and not make a decision on aesthetics.
  4. If you want your bag’s appeal to last forever, choose a classic style. Classic bags will always be infinite and will last for a lifetime. Think if it were 10 years from now, would you find it in a luxury vintage shop like this Chanel bag or my Louis Vuitton backpack then yes, it is a classic style.
  5. Research for good spots to buy. Yes you might plan to go to a department store to look through the bags from different designers in person, but sometimes you can get better deals online. A good tip is to go to the store to analyze the situation but then come home and shop online (that’s what I always do). Some online stores like Farfetch would be my go-to as they sell pieces at the actual designer price without those crazy add ons.

Anyways, let me know if you find this helpful!


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