September 12, 2017

Transitional Weather & some styling tips

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Blazer – old / shop similar here and here
Denim shorts – Vintage / shop similar shorts here
Bag – vintage /shop Gucci bags here
Shoes – similar here and here (budget)

Hi everyone!!! Today i’m sharing a very old outfit but thought it was quite on point for transitional weather. It also made me think about a few things I always consider when styling my looks so I thought I’d share five things that you could find quite useful:
1. Sometimes I would love to go for a look that is more covered in the arms rather than the legs. I feel it is not so common but you can actually make it work with a pair of heels to enlongate your legs so your torso doesn’t look too bulky (because its the only covered part),
2. I love adding a little bit of print to any denim and black look turning a basic outfit to something more put together. Its literally the easiest thing to do to simply change the whole aesthetic of the outfit. Whether it be florals, houndstooth or even pinstripes!
3. Add a black choker when wearing a structured blazer. I always wear chokers because one it looks good but also because they would make my neck look longer/ thinner and for instance make you look delicate. If you wear a structured blazer you might want to consider adding a thick choker to balance the wideness of your upper body.
4. When I wear a blazer with anything that isn’t pants, I always make sure the blazer is NOT shorter than the bottoms, this would actually cut your body in three and that is definitely not flattering. In other words if you wear a skirt or shorts make sure the blazer always has to be longer or the same length!

Anyways, hope you guys find this helpful! Should I share more personal tips every time I do an outfit post? I always feel you can notice them in the pictures but let me know what you think!
Hope you have a lovely day 🙂


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