September 11, 2017

Peace and Love with Bioré #MakePeaceWithYourPores  

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A few weeks ago I got to celebrate the launch of Bioré Skincare’s new Limited Edition Tie-Dye Pore Strips! It was such a great event hosted by Bioré brand ambassador Shay Mitchell, and I felt so honored to be a part of such a great cause. They partnered with Girl Up™, a campaign of the United Nations Foundation, supporting the SchoolCycle program, where Bioré donated $25,000 to help girls in need for a brighter future!

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So I couldn’t go without sharing the new Limited Edition Tie-Dye Pore Strips and how cool and easy they are to use. . Nothing better than supporting a cause, spreading Peace and Love and cleaning your pores all at the same time!

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They come in two different color versions: vibrant pink and cool blue. Love using them because they unclog my pores and reduce their appearance at the same time …aka best way to make peace with your pores. They draw out the dirt and oil, very much-needed in the summer, and leave my pores clean and healthy!

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Have you guys used Bioré Pore Strips too? I’d love to know how they work for you and if you also use their strips on a regular basis!



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