December 12, 2011



Coat- Ebay
Glasses- 80s Purple
Im waiting for another presentation right now  so this will be pretty short!
This is something I posted on Lookbook some time ago for an Ebay x Lookbook collab. I got the jacket from Ebay. Its faux, by the way. The tee is one of my favorites now. Im sure you know that I have an obsession with graphic tees. I still want to pair this jacket with so many things (black pants, tights, leather shorts, denim shorts, leather leggings, white blouse, red beanie, black maxi skirt, little black dress etc.. separately of course), and it will definitely be perfect to wear on the snow when I return from Peru in January.
Estas fotos las postie en Lookbook hace un tiempo para una colaboracion de Lookbook con Ebay! El abrigo es perfecto para cuando hace demasiado frio, es tan abrigador que no necesito ponerme una chompa debajo. De todas maneras me va a servir cuando regrese a la nieve de Ny enero! Es falso, jamas me pondria uno de piel de verdad.
En fin, tengo una presentacion ahorita. adios!

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