September 13, 2014

Little Memories | NYC

Photo Sep 12, 6 41 19 PM-2
One of those weekend days I just walk around with my boyfriend to discover every little corner in New York. Theres so much love for this city I can’t explain in words but only pictures. But as usual, one can never take enough.

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Photo Sep 12, 6 39 52 PM-2
Photo Sep 12, 6 47 03 PM-2 IMG_3864-2-2
Photo Aug 10, 6 08 4e1 PM (1)-2 photo 2-2
Photo Sep 1w2, 6 43 46 PM-2
photo 1-2
Photo Aug 10, 4 23 5n6 PM (1)-2
Dress – Can U Not
Shoes-  similar here
Backpack –  similar here
Sunglasses- similar here

We walked so much I think we took pictures in every single spot in Lower Manhattan… We went to a cafe to get something to eat (and regular dose of iced coffee), found some vintage stores, record stores and walked around Chinatown and East Village. Chinatown was crazy, I must say, but so fun. It was so hot and humid I have no idea how I kept myself together… I was wearing a little vintage floral dress which really helped handle the weather… my vintage shoes and some mirrored sunnies. I wore shorts underneath, in case wind decided to blow my entire outfit up (gladly it didn’t happen) and also because LOTS of stairs were climbed.
By the way, if you want to discover more of New York check out Teenvogue MYNY. Really inspiring.. specially this article with the most iconic NYC movie heroines. I died.
Uno de esos dias de fin de semana que simplemente voy a Manhattan a dar vueltas con mi chico y descubrir lugares en la ciudad. Amo tanto esta ciudad que solo lo puedo describir con fotos… y muchisimas obviamente (debo admitir que fue un poco dificil borrar las otras mil). En fin, este dia fuimos por lower Manhattan basicamente.. East Village, Chinatown y Soho. Hacia tanto calor que no se como me pude mantener parada por tanto tiempo. Me puse un vestidito vintage, oxfords y lentes de sol redondos. Debajo del vestido use un short ya que este vestido no va muy bien con el viento.
Si quieren descubrir mas de Nueva York chequeen Teenvogue MYNY. con muchos articulos realmente inspiradores. Que tengan un lindo fin de semana!

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