March 1, 2011

Dance while you can


Hey guys,
I am having breakfast while posting this. Pretend to get ready in afew minutes and go with my dad to fix my phone, which in an impulsive act I threw away so hard that it broke in half.  Sometimes I do go creepy crazy. After that Ill meet my boyfriend and we will go to search for some glasses, i plan to get one pair of sunglasses and one pair of eyeglasses (I have -4.00 myopia and thats a hell lot). Lets see what I can get.
What do you think about the oscars? i wont make any academy awards post, neither about the winners, the dresses or the hosts. I have seen those posts even in the soup and cant manage to do one myself. The only think ill say is that I am so glad that Colin and Natalie won. Thats it. What I do want to know is your opinion!
About the pictures above, I was wearing a pair of modified vintage shorts, vintage blouse, forever 21 tank top and some old necklaces which ive been wearing everyday since I found them.
I apologize for the crappy quality! I took them in matter of seconds before leaving home!

This one was taken by my sister, I couldnt hesitate to share my two lovely ladies with you. They always hang in my room!

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