March 17, 2015

Nervous Breakdown

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Tee- Romwe

Shorts  – Express

Jacket – Forever Unique

Shoes – Nasty Gal

A look from this weekend when I was still so sick. What you see there is my face slowly dying on the inside. I can’t get over how funny some pictures (not shown here obviously) turned, my eyes were closed 99 percent of the time. Even though I was so sick, I was comfortable as hell, these loose shorts from Express and comfy booties really helped.  I love the fit of the shorts, seriously will wear them all summer long . Also, I’m stoked I finally got my hands on these boots I’ve been dying to get them ever since I saw them on several sites and every time I was about to get them they were sold out. So happy Nasty Gal still got some on stock. They still have a few pairs so if you are as obsessed like me make sure you go for them right away. I swear they are the highest yet comfortable pair of chunky boots I own.


Un look del fin de semana en el que estaba tan enferma pero con mil cosas para hacer. Lo que ven es mi cara muriendo por dentro jaja, no se imaginan las fotos que borre en las que mis ojos solo estaban cerrados. En fin, al menos andaba comoda, los shorts sueltos y estas botas no podian ser mas adecuados.  Les cuento que estoy feliz  haber conseguido estas botas de Unif. Las he visto desde hace casi un año por todos lados y cada vez que iba a pedirlas estaban agotadas. Finalmente Nasty Gal tenia unas cuantas en stock asi que tenian que ser mias. Todavia tienen unos pares mas asi que si estan igual que yo les recomiendo que las pidan antes de que se acaben! Les juro que son las botas chunky mas altas y comodas que tengo.

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