October 11, 2013


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Theres something perfect about pairing leather skirts with basic white shirts.

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Shirt- UNIF via Miss KL
Skirt- Wasteland
Jacket- Fee Luxury
Shoes- Jessica Buurman
Red lipstick- Stila Cosmetics (“Beso”)

 Such a different look from what I’ve been wearing lately. This day I felt like channeling a more dressed up style but keeping my own elements like the beaded necklace and a black bra underneath. I was firstly wearing a ponytail and I loved it, but lets get real, it was way too conventional for my taste. Its funny that for a moment I felt I was going somewhere fancy and all, like brunching with my old classmates or a country club, but sometimes its good to step out of your own comfort zone and try different things. And overall, I love the contrasts on this outfit. The leather skirt is so good, it fits me a bit big on the back but I can fix it by tucking in whatever I wear as a top. Might throw on a band tee and wear it tonight cause its friday and I can’t wait to get a couple of beers.
Hope you have a nice weekend! I will announce the giveaway winners on my next post 🙂


Un look tan distinto de lo que he usado ultimamente. Ese dia me provoco probar un estilo un poco mas elegante pero manteniendo mis elementos como el collar y el sosten negro debajo. Use la blusa cerrada y la cola al costado primero pero me sentia demasiado tradicional y perfectita asi que me solte el pelo. Me da risa que en un momento senti que estaba yendo a un country club o algo asi, pero aveces es divertido probar cosas nuevas y salirte de tu zona de comfort.  La falda es demasiado bella y me encanta el cierre visible, me queda un poco suelta atras pero se soluciona metiendome el top adentro para que haga un poco de bulto. Probablemente, me la ponga con un t-shirt hoy en la noche para ir a tomar unas cervezas.
En fin el clima esta terrible, ha llovido todos los dias y ya no puedo mas! Espero que ustedes tengan un lindo fin de semana! pronto anunciare las ganadoras del concurso de Choies.

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