December 2, 2016

Work Space Updated


WORK SPACE 388A4751 WORK SPACE 388A4736 388A4732-2 388A4740 388A4753 WORK SPACE

So this is what my work space looks like now 🙂 I had to give you guys an udpate so you can see! I love this table so much and I’m so happy I got it, it was such a great investment because its one of those things that get better with age.

We also have this area in our living room where we have all our albums. My boyfriend is a musician so we have a quite vast collection. I love the fact that it started the moment we moved to New York, the very first night and its growing ever since.

388A4771 Oliver Gal Art 388A4812

I also got these Oliver Gal gorgeous Tarot frames in gold which I’m so obsessed with. They are the cards of The Sun, The Moon and The Stars and they come together in a set!  I love Tarot cards in general (blame my mom who bought me a deck when I was 10) and my boyfriend really liked the brightness they give to the whole record collection.

Hope you guys liked this post? Would you like to see more posts of my apartment? Room tour video perhaps? Let me know!

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