April 5, 2010

This photo is so beautiful.

amazing combination

♥ high waisted shorts.

Perfect hair

Love dark lips

Lykke Li


Abby Lees surf-inspired pink tips- Vogue Australia March 2010

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April 4, 2010

As you may see, I am in love with crosses. I love the fact that they mean so many things in the world. I even have a celtic cross inked in the back of my neck.

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People are just people like you.

Went to the beach for the whole weekend. Just got back and my face is a tomato. Thank you Mr Sun. Now I need loads of lotion to calm down the sunburn, ugh I hate greasy lotions.
This is what I wore a few days ago. Little bit boring but I wasnt on the mood of dressing up and feeling matchy matchy. Its sunday again and my boyfriend is coming. FINALLY a not-alone sunday.

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