September 8, 2010

Searched hard for you and your special ways.


I just missed my class for waking up late. Im such a mess.
This is what I wore a couple days ago. I felt really colourful that day. Too much patterns all over me felt a bit weird but  sometimes one needs to mix a little bit more than usual. Just to get out of the routine.
I always wear black when I dont want to think about what to wear. I just throw on my black jeans, black tee, doc martens and a military green jacket or a big black hobo cardigan. period. What do you throw on when you are in a hurry? man, I really need some ideas before my black rags fall apart.
The song im repeating thousands of times now is Summer in Siam- The Pogues. Bloody brilliant. If you like it then you should definitely hear Love you till the end by the same band and all their songs.

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