November 17th, 2013


One of my all-time favorite shoes are these Skardalo boots from Shelly’s London, I’ve been wearing them infinite times so I’m super excited to giveaway a pair to two readers of this blog.

To enter, simply:
1. Like Le Happy on Facebook
2. Like Shellys London on Facebook
3. Leave a comment on this post with your email (won’t show) and your shoe size. This is to contact the winner!
Contest ends November 28th and the winners will be announced on FB and on this blog.

Uno de mis pares de zapatos favoritos son estas botas Skardalo de Shelly’s London, Las he usado infinitas veces asi que me emociona poder sortear dos pares para dos lectoras del blog!

Para participar, solo tienen que:
1. Darle Like a Le Happy en Facebook
2. Darle Like a Shellys London en Facebook
3. Dejar un comentario en la seccion de este post con su mail (no se va a ver) y su talla de zapatos.

El concurso termina el 28 de Noviembre y el ganador sera anunciado en Facebook.

Make sure to check out Shellys London for more amazing shoes.

3,106 thoughts on “SHELLY’S LONDON GIVEAWAY.

      1. Sarah

        Ah I love that boots..I want to sleep in it..
        I think I’m too stupid to find the text box here so I write this reply..hope this is ok.(?)

        I have EUR size : 37

    1. Penny warnock

      Size uk 6
      Absolutely love these shoes haven’t seen any ones like these
      Love the little height they add and the cute colour and I have a secret obsession with boots need to get a few more pairs for winter!

    2. Brittany

      I love these too. I would never know where to find something like this and I’m so glad I found this blog!! US 9

    3. Hanin arakama

      Size 42/43 size 9 or 9 1/2 (usa).. Im inlove with this boots i swear to God and i would love to own one its classy and the color is perfect and since i cant afford one i’ll try to win one

    4. Jennifer Barrera

      U.S.A SIZE 7.5

    5. Lupita Estrada

      Size 7.5

      Love your style <3.<3
      would love a pair to go with my leather jacket, can't buy nice boots like these. they are too expensive :/

    6. Anne

      Those shoes are right up my street. Omg so gorgeous. I own one pair of creepers and docs now. But I was thinking on buying red docs. But those shoes!
      I am a size 8 ;)

    7. Kaithleen Hernandez

      If I win, I hope I don’t look like a clown because big foot syndrome but I love those boots!
      U.S size 9

    8. Lupita Estrada

      It would make my world if I could get these shoes. I can’t buy boots because the ones I LOVE are too expensive. I have a leather Jacket & I cant find any shoes that are similar too the color that are around my price range, & these boots are similar too the color of my jacket. I have one pair of boots that my sister shares with me, it goes with the black leather jacket she has. I have but I’m tired of wearing her shoes that are a bigger size than me. If I could get a job, I wouldn’t be on this cause I could buy them. Unfortunately I can’t get a job, i’m still a teen.
      if you choose me as the winner I am I size 7.5 &&& thank you so much.
      ~~ stay gorgeous

    9. Ronja Hau

      I would love to have these shoes! Red is the perfect color.
      On 22nd November is my birthday, it would be an amazing after-birthday-gift.<3
      EU size 37 | US 5

    10. shawnee divic

      In awh with these boots! Um things are difficult at home, and can’t afford Christmas this year. I saw this great give away opportunity and thought I’d give it a go. These boots would be the perfect one and only present i could ask for this year. Thank you for your time, and for doing this give away, good luck to everyone! US size 6

    11. Maya

      Australian size 6 if you need to know the British, European or American size please contact me I will let you know :)

    12. Ana Sofia

      Oh meu deus, eu adoro o teu estilo, adorava poder ganhar o meu sonho é ser estilista e conseguir fazer combinaçoes como tu por isso amava receber estas botas skardalo… <3
      Tamnho: 38

    13. Katie steiniger

      I hope I win I’m a size ten I never won anything and can’t afford awesome shoes such as these it would be an honor :)

    14. Michelle Winters

      Hi love,

      I’ve liked Shelly’s London on FB and been had liked your page on FB.
      Shoe size is 8.5
      Thank you!

      Xo, Michelle

  1. Mélanie

    I love this shoes, they seem to be so comfortable !
    Thank you for this giveaway :)
    ( size : 40 )
    From France, Mélanie.

  2. Jara Carrasco

    Justo hoy estaba mirando tus fotos Lua y pensando me encantan esos zapatos!

    Mi número de pie es un 37 :)

  3. Verena T

    omg I love them soooo much!!! I always wanted to buy them but they are unfortunately too expensive :(
    I have shoe size 39 :)

  4. Egg'

    Size 5.5 (US), or 37 (France) :).
    I like these shoes a lot, I would be delighted to win them <3. I must confess I'm quite jealous of your style.

  5. Julia

    Talla: EU 39. Muchas gracias por hacer estos giveaways! Eres mi inspiración estilística, te descubrí en lookbook y me encanta tu rollo. Sé feliz!

  6. Cherry Tree

    These boots rock ! I’ve already ordered shoes from Shelly’s London before, and I love them soooo much.
    My shoe size (EU) -> 38.

  7. Evy-Sophie Watson

    Love Shelly’s London-shoes! It would be so great to win a pair of them! :)
    My shoe size is EU 39 or UK 6.

  8. Tuba Binal

    hi lua :) I’m so happy you recognized me! I’m your biggest fan and you are my queen and my biggest inspiration! Your dream was to live in New York and now you are living your dream! I thank you so much for all the inspiration and for following my personal account on Instagram and the fan page of me and Rona! I’m kinda proud of you and I hope you’ll smile forever! <3 (btw my European size : 38 ) :) love you lua! Keep being so gorgeous! Tuba :-)

  9. Catarina

    These are perfect. I’d love to have them, specially because they’re burgundy, I love that color but almost all my boots are black ahah. Glad to tell you that you’ve been my favorite blogger for more than two years now aww, how time flies. Fingers crossed. <3 Oh and I like both of the fb pages and my shoes size is 38 . xx

  10. Keyana Ojaghi

    These shoes are amazing! I love your style guurl! ;D
    I’m size 5 (38) UK
    Thanks for the giveaway!! xx

  11. Annette

    EU size 39

    I would love to win the shoes. I love alternative clothes.
    I would loe to wear them on my feets :D

  12. Julie

    EU 42
    i hope these shoes will choose the right winners! i want them sooo much, because im from lithuania and we dont have Shellys London shop, so i have to use ebay. these shoes would be perfect present for christmas! xx

  13. Sharon Kim

    <3 show size: 5/6 USA.
    Me encanta!!! Que Bella!!

  14. Anonymous

    EU 38 (I love you lua.. I used to cut myself but you inspired me to work on myself and now I hope that I will never cut again.. You are my biggest inspiration.. Maybe no inspiration but my soldier/angel.. I now feel comfortable in my body although I know that I’m never going to be perfect like nobody will… Thank you from all my soul and heart!<3

  15. Anita

    Please, I’ve never had these shoes. I do not have too much money on clothes. And I want to be like you. <3: (

    Shoe size ; EU 40 <3

  16. Eva-Luna Tholance

    I’m a size 6.5 in US and 38 in Europe, these shoes are amazing, thank you so much for giving them away! <3

  17. Julia

    Love your style, your face, your hair, your everything xx You're my biggest inspiration, I'd love to have shoes just like yours <3
    EU 39 :)

  18. Réka

    my shoe size: 40 /EU/
    and ofcourse im in love with these gorgeous shoes, too! (:
    lots of love from Hungary!

  19. Martina Mascia

    Absolutely perfect.. Big fan from ITALY, I follow you since you began to post outfits. Everyone is a perfect combination of ideas, it’s wonderful that you share your passion with us, thank you… <3
    EU 39

  20. Krisna Pratiwi

    This is my second time joining ur giveaway.
    Hope i’ll be the winner this time.
    My size: EU 38.
    Love from Indonesia❤️

  21. Rowan

    Freaking in love with these shoes, it’d be amazing to win them!! I’m a UK size 5, I think that’s a size 7 USA!!

  22. Gimena

    Siempre participo de los giveaway sin tener éxitos, espero que esta sea la excepción porque estoy enamorada de estos zapatos, por cierto, mi talle es 38,

  23. Lucile

    These boots looks so great, I definitely wish to wear them one day!
    My shoe size is 38 (EU) (I think it’s 5 UK and 6.5 US)
    Thank youu for this giveaway!

  24. Staycee Hutchings

    I just started following you and I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!!! I try to make my style like yours now! I’m a size 7!!

  25. karhlee zambos

    I love your style and the way you put things together. I follow your instagram! please pick me!
    my shoe size is an 8.

  26. Erika M

    Size 7 U.S ♥♥♥ dude I’m in love with your bloggggg and everything you wear! I wish I had your closet.

  27. Anne Nicole Dela Cruz

    These boots will help me stomps heads, kick ass, and are make me look fabulous while doing it!
    Love your blog! Keep being awesome!

    U.S. Size – 8.5

  28. Nathaly Meow

    Lua! I feel like you are my fashion soulmate.Adoro tu estilo y tu talento.Please grant me this shoes in size 6. Besos and hugs : b

    1. katerina

      ooh i love these shoes! and dark red is my fav colour :) SIZE EUR.: 38 When the contest ends on the 28th its my birthdayyy! I hope i’ll be lucky enough.. Love your blog, great style, great inspiration.. :)
      good luck to everyone :)

  29. Liv Olsen

    I found out about you just recently and your outfits have helped me out so many times! I have a hard time picking out clothes for my self, but you really helped just by up-loading Pictures. I want a Unique style, and watching you have really helped me gain that.
    This is not a kiss-butt mesage, I just hoped that you would see this and feel proud of yourself.


    EU size 39 – 40

  30. Hannah Peters

    I love your blog sooo much! It has inspired my everyday personal style soooo much! My shoe size is 7 1/2 or 8

  31. Anonymous

    Hello Shelly! My names Crystal, I’m from Canada.
    Really love your blog, your hair, your style, your face, and just everything. Not just saying this to win boots and if i don’t win, atleast you read this and acknowledge that you’re beautiful…but once I saw you on instagram, I instantly believed you were the most beautiful thing to walk on earth of New york city.
    You can rock the hair without even looking like a weirdo. and just love your vintage style, maybe one day I can meet you in NYC and you can teach me your ways :)

    shoe size: 7.5

  32. Javiera bustos

    bellísimas ♥ me encanta tu blog y tu estilo!! siempre veo tu blog para enterarme de tus looks :3
    saludos desde chile!!
    calzo 36

  33. Helen Du

    My shoe size is US 8 or UK 6! I’ve been looking for a pair of boots, and i’m not sure I want to spend my money on dr. martens yet so these would be perfect!

    Thanks for the giveaway

  34. Sara Han

    In love with your fashion. Inspires me every morning to find the perfect clothes ♡♥

    Euro 38, US 7 1/2, UK 5

    Thank you!

  35. Selenna Strother

    Ever since I saw these shoes, I just fell in love man. Like I obsess over shoes and these are one of them. I would be so thankful and happy if I got these fabulous shoes. and if I do, thank you so much. if I don’t, that’s alright. (:

    US shoe size: 9

  36. Meredith

    U.S. Size 8&1/2! I don’t know UK Sizes >__<
    Love your Instagram and your blog, thanks for doing a giveaway! These boots are gorgeous. :)

  37. Kenzie

    You are my inspiration, youve helped me through many things even if you didn’t know I love your style and you ♥♥ your my role model
    US size 6 ; love the boots been looking for Some ♥♥♥♥

  38. daphne w.

    Oh my.. I left the incorrect shoe size for the EU and UK. Here it is again.
    I honestly love your stylish Lua!

    US 7.5
    EU 38
    UK 5.5

  39. Susan La

    I LOVE THESE BOOTS! Im short so the heels will make me look taller plus the color matches a lot of my clothes. Im a true boots fanatic! Me and my boyfriend love boots so much that we have multiple pairs :) I had a pair of red boots but I wore them so much that the sole broke :( Size 6. 5

  40. ero

    EUR SIZE: 38 love your blog! my sister and i find your personal style very inspiring.. on the 28 its my sisters birthday so it would be great to surprize her with these great boots from her favourite blog!!!! i hope i’ will be lucky.. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  41. Kaja

    Im not going to deny it. I hope i win! I live in Norway so the shoe selection is very limited..

    My shoe size: 39 or an English 5, 5

    Fingers krossed!