November 16, 2013


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I can’t even get started on how much I love these leggings, having one of your favorite albums printed all over your clothes feels good

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Jumper- Camote Soup
Leggings- Lovely Sally
Jacket- Mart of China
Shoes- YRU
Case- Touch Zero Gravity   use code LEHAPPY20 for 20% off

I wore them with an old jumper I had a while ago.. I love how the olive green shade makes the contrast of the print less apparent. I like to wear my printed leggings with oversized knits or oversized t-shirts in dark tones. Also, this case.. I don’t usually use iphone cases in general because I get bored super quickly and they make me want to change it again after a couple of hours, but this case is so practical its a keeper. I always carry a mirror for when I’m rushing and want to make sure theres nothing weird going on in my face, but now this case does all the work and looks so good at the same time. Definitely check Zero Gravity for more original cases.
Amo estas leggings y andar caminando por ahi con el cover de uno de mis albums favoritos en forma de pantalon! Las combine con una chompa verde olivo para bajarle el tono al contraste de las leggings. Siempre combino leggings estampadas con chompas o polos sueltos en tonos oscuros para que no se vea rercargado. Como veran tambien me consegui un case de iphone. No uso cases casi nunca por que me aburro rapido y me da ansiedad por cambiarlos cada media hora, pero este creo que queda. No solo es bello si no es practico por que ahora reemplaza al espejito que siempre llevo en la cartera, me ha salvado varias veces. Les recomiendo chequear Zero Gravity para ver mas cases originales!

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