November 15, 2013


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Today its a casual friday outfit post, simple, easy to replicate and very comfortable.

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Tee- Christian Benner
Shorts- Abercrombie (on sale)
Jacket- Pretty Attitude
Scarf- 10th Tribe
Sunglasses- Vint and York

 I know this might be very repetitive but its my go-to outfit and I wear this combo at least once a week. The shorts are the perfect classic denim ripped shorts (actually on super sale at the moment), not too light and not too dark, could see myself wearing them with anything. The scarf has been pretty much my saviour these days. Now that its too cold (couldn’t be wearing this outfit anymore) I throw it on complete black ensembles to add a pop of color and warmth. I even spotted my cousin and boyfriend wearing it a couple of times, yeah they suddenly raid some of my stuff when I leave them on the common area.
Anyway, so glad its friday and I can’t wait to sit back and relax.. enjoy a few beers and get some cheese because lets get real, its the closest thing to heaven.
El post de hoy es un look para un viernes casual, facil de armar y bien comodo. Se que puede ser un tipo de look repetitivo para algunos de uds pero es un look clasico para mi que uso bastante seguido. Los shorts son el denim perfecto, no muy oscuros ni claros y me los puedo imaginar con cualquier cosa en mi closet. La bufanda ha sido mi salvadora estos dias que ha hecho un frio asesino (ya no podria usar este outfit) y la he usado con looks completamente negros mas que nada. Incluso un par de veces mi primo y mi chico me la han robado sin darme cuenta y la estaban usando, jaja si aveces se agarran mis cosas cuando las dejo en la sala.
En fin, es viernes y ya quiero sentarme a relajar, disfrutar un par de cervezas .. y queso.. por que amo el queso. Que tengan un lindo viernes!

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