May 20, 2014


“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It’s what the sunflowers do.”

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Photos by Tan Camera

Couldn’t get more classic than this. I feel I’ve been taken out of my moms old photo album. I remember when I lived in Peru all I did was basically skim through her photos for outfit inspirations and all. I’d rather do that than flip through actual fashion magazines to be honest. I’m more inspired by real life examples. Anyways, these are not the dungarees I usually wear. I wish I had my good old light denim overalls but I let a friend of mine borrow them for a photoshoot. Man it’s been ages and I don’t have them yet and its not funny anymore. I guess I will wear these huge ones in the meantime… they’re my favorite type of piece after all. Hope you guys have a great day. I’m in vacations already and I couldn’t be more happy.
Este look no podria ser mas clasico. Siento que he salido de un album antiguo de mi madre. Cuando vivia en Peru basicamente solo sacaba inspiracion de sus albums de fotos de los 80s y 90s. Preferia hacer eso a que chequear revistas de moda actuales. Me inspira mas ver fotos reales de la epoca. En fin, estos no son los overoles que siempre he usado. Le preste mis favoritos que son un poco mas claros y que realmente me quedan a un amigo para unas fotos y hasta ahora no me lo devuelve. Asi que por mientras usare estos de aca.. al final de cuentas son overoles y los amo. Que tengan un lindisimo dia! Ya sali de vacaciones y soy feliz.

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