June 15, 2011

Sweet Narcosis

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I had to put this shorts on the minute I got them. They are from Chicwish, (here exactly) stunning store and beautiful garments there. It really couldn’t get better, everything feels so summery and got that fairytale vibe. Just see the clothes by yourself, you will want everything! 
Even if I would love to, I didn’t wear this to go out. Due to the weather, I can only wear pants or leggings; I need to get some tights asap (and get rid of the ripped ones in my closet) before I end up hating those two. Actually, I already hate leggings.  The pictures are just to show you these beauties. Please ignore my pose, I felt like I didn’t want to show my face but I turned looking like a madman instead, ha. I tried to combine them with different items. The soft pink blouse is from Chicwish.. see? fairytalesque items as hell. I like that it isn’t sheer. Not that I dislike sheer at all, but sometimes it feels pretty weird on the skin, like a rigid and stiff fabricThis one feels like a baby’s blanket. The other top is the result of scissors and an oversized grey tee and the black ring is from Rock’N Rose. I`ll see how I can match these shorts with darker pieces. Pairing them with a leather jacket is certainly in my mind.

Ps: don’t forget to enter the YSL ring giveaway here and the sunglasses one here! Easy steps on both.

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