August 28, 2018


I used to be the “I only wear sweatpants when I travel” kind of girl. I would literally wear the same pair of pants and sneakers every time I traveled but since I’ve been going on getaways and traveling for work so much more I’ve been experimenting more as of lately. I remember I didn’t even think about looking slightly cute for the airport and my mom would always tell me that jeans were not meant to be worn on planes. After so many trips now I have a sense of  what is comfortable for me so I wanted to share the kind of pieces I wear now when I go on a trip and always work for me!

1. Slouchy jeans, or loose pants for that matter. I always wore sweatpants but another alternative that might make you look more casually dressed up are slouchy jeans… not those that are skinny and straight up tight on your legs but some like the Monki ones in these photos. I love slouchy mom jeans a hell lot because they will stretch out even more after the whole check in / gates etc situation. By the time you’re on your destination they will feel like gloves. See below for my favorite slouchy mom jeans!

2. Oversized / vintage tees. I say vintage because these are always softer. It makes such a difference when you wear something loose but most importantly soft. I took all my vintage oversized tees to my trip to Europe and basically wore them every time we were going to hop on a plane or train! These always look so good yet make you feel you’re wearing pijamas so I basically slept like a baby on every route. You can find most oversized tees in thrift shops in the mens section (got this one in Amsterdam) but also find similar looking ones in stores like Urban Outfitters that are soft and comfortable. I put some of my favorite ones below for you to shop!

3. Comfy sneakers. Wear your comfiest pair of shoes… always. I usually wear my vans or my platform white sneakers because they are the most comfortable shoes I own. It does make a difference when you have to be running around the airport or any station. Fun fact, we literally lost the train we were waiting for (on these pictures lol) because we didn’t print the tickets!!! we had to run downstairs and talk to someone to help us get another one for the next train. Don’t ask me how we got some non refundable tickets again but definitely ask me how I managed to run all over the station… these vans are the answer.


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