October 2, 2013


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You know the world is crazy when you can make a t-shirt with your phone.

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Tee- Snaptee (made with my cellphone , not kidding..read about it below)
Parka- Chicwish
Shorts- One Teaspoon
Boots- ShopAKIRA

This tee is not the typical one, I actually used Snaptee, an app on the iphone that lets you create your own t-shirt with any images you have and you just order it. I can’t believe what crazy thing is going on with technology but man there are some things you can’t pass. I wanted to use an image that meant something to me so I went ahead and printed a picture my best friend took with her iphone at the deli around my apartment when she came to New York to visit me. You should check the app, its so easy to use and the tee comes just as expected. They launched their android version here, and you can get the version for the iphone here.
Anyways, my hair is driving me nuts. I mean, I haven’t cut it and its stuck in the same length?  I seriously need a weird magic mask or something to make it grow faster. I could do hair extensions and all, but I can’t because my hair color is a rainbow that changes every hour (don’t ask me why). Please share if you have any tips or homemade masks or anything that works for you.
Este t-shirt no es el tipico que consigues en una tienda. Use Snaptee un app con el iphone que te deja crear tus propios polos con cualquier imagen tuya y pedirlo en el momento. Se que para muchos es facil conseguir polos impresos (si vives en Lima y vas a gamarra), pero algunos no tienen esa facilidad. No entiendo que onda con la tecnologia pero hay cosas que no puedes pasar por alto. Queria usar una imagen con algun significado asi que use una foto que tomo mi mejor amiga en el deli de la esquina cuando me vino a visitar a NY. Chequeen el app, es super facil de usar y el t-shirt llega tal cual. Pueden ver la version del android aqui, y la version del iphone aqui.
En fin, mi pelo me esta volviendo loca. No lo corto hace siglos y sigue del mismo tamaño? Necesito conseguir una mascara rara que haga algun milagro lo antes posible. Podria probar extensiones pero en mi caso imposible por que mi pelo es un arcoiris que cambia de color cada hora. Si tienen un consejo o alguna crema hecha en casa por favor compartan!


  • I think staffs are very helpful to create a shirt so original … by the way there with vitamin E capsules help much hair growth and strengthen nails .. Besides grinding birth control pills and apply the shampoo you use …. :)

  • hermosa te ves! amé el tshirt!!!!
    divina! amé esa idea del app! :P genial!


  • PlasticBlue says:

    amazing tee!! you’re so beautiful and i love your style <3 you inspire me so much from the time i found you!! i live in a little city in Greece and here is very difficult to dress the way you want because there are many people to criticize you just because of your "weird" style..i'm 16 and i'm waiting to become 18 to finally leave this place :D anyway about the hair..try to not straighten them so often..i'm trying to grow my hair too and from the time i stopped straighten them,they become stronger and more healthy.Also i cut the tips of my hair 2 times a year and i always use conditioner after shampooing!! hope to help :)

  • Fiona Sophia Brown says:

    Awesome outfit! :) Apparantley these work; I haven’t tested them myself, but I think I am about to start. :D http://hair.allwomenstalk.com/natural-remedies-to-make-your-hair-grow-faster
    You have really amazing hair, though, and an amazing style.

  • I use coconut oil all the time (you get it for a few bucks at the supermarket, the drug store or at a bio market), always applying a tiny bit to the tips / lenghts after washing or after drying, after using heat and sometimes in between when the tips feel dry. I also use very much of it before washing the hair and let it in for at least 20min (if I have the time then I apply it before going the bed and wash the hair the next day in the morning). It won’t grow faster with that but it’s a good hair care especially when using heat because the hair gets quite dry then… When your hair and especially your tips are very healthy then the hair will grow faster again because the tips won’t break off or get thinner :)

  • Biotin and mane n’ tail shampoo! It works wonders. My hair is so long now

  • A good head massage in the shower. It stimulates your head en bloodvaines and then it will grow faster. :) Also wella professional brilliance is a great mask for coloured hair ! And it smells greatl :)
    Great outfit as always dear!

  • By the way, your hair looks a little longer!

  • your boots are so pretty :)

  • Wow, really cool outfit! I wish I could use Snaptee because there’s not many T-shirts that are perfect for me :D And what about hair growth… I’ve heard that a brew of nettle (idk if I wrote that well in English) helps, I drink that every day for a month, I think I haven’t seen spectacular effects but I’ve got to drink it for longer. You can also do herbal hair rinses. Hair masks also help. Maybe you need to take care of your hair more? I use hair serum, Liquid Silk, conditioners (I’m quite sure that you also use any) to make my hair more healthy because if it is, then it grows faster. Oh, and maybe don’t use a straightener and curling iron and dry your hair only by cool air. I bet that then it’ll get healthier! Now your hair also looks quite healthy and so beautiful.
    Good luck Luanna ahah, I also try best to make my hair grow faster and I’m looking forward the effects. Hope that my comment will help you a little, at least.
    Much love from Poland xx

  • Biotin supplements helps with hair, skin, and nail

  • Mane ‘n Tail makes some great products for strengthening hair and adding length, and they are relatively inexpensive :)

    Also I love your necklace, you have the best jewelry <3

  • I had the same problem for the longest time! My best friend’s hair grows so much but she barley washes it, I washed mine every other day. Less than a month ago I started washing it every three days so now I only wash it 2 times a week and already it has grown so much! I would wash it less but it starts to get a tad greasy by four days so in forced to wash it, but it really makes a difference! <3

  • You look amazing as always=)))
    ok, about the hair – try different oil masks. they will help you to strengthen your hair and give all the necessary nutritions and healthy extracts. shea butter and olive oil are my fav’s. just do a bit of experementing and research to find out what really appeals to your hair. another cool thing – sls free shampoos. they really work but you should wait for some time so as your hair could get accustombed to them. magic thing – ground mustard. just add some oils and sugar, mix it, put on the roots, put on a beanie and wait not less then 40 minutes. attention – that’s painful! but works – it will help to “wake up” your hair follicles,
    anyway, thank’s for your blog – so much inspiration=)))

  • Chio Zamora says:

    Había extrañado los looks con short que son tan Lua. La polera está muy linda, quedó súper bien, ojalá tuviera algún celular tecnológico sólo para usar esa aplicación XD jajajajaja. Con respecto a lo del crecimiento del cabello, puede que te sirva el comer mucha proteína, ya que es el elemento esencial para su crecimiento (cuando me volví vegetariana el crecimiento de mi pelo se estancó muchísimo). Además debes probar el moler algunas pastillas anticonceptivas (hay unas bien baratas) y mezclarlas en tu shampoo….. de verdad que sí ayuda …. y mejor aún si preparas un shampoo de cebolla, sí, lo sé, suena asqueroso, pero si mueles una cebolla y la mezclas con tu shampoo, después de una semana de reposo, puedes aplicarlo normalmente y ayuda muchísimo al crecimiento (me creció un cm. más que lo normal y no queda el pelo hediondo, si te lo preguntas XD). Ojalá te sirva algo de ésto, como a mí…. muchos cariños y saludos!

  • love the look, and the tshirt is so cool!
    and for you hair, aloe vera oil always helps me, just put some on the ends before bed every night and use is as a conditioner in the shower
    xx ish

  • That tee is awesome, such a great idea! x


  • Love your t-shirt, awesome! <3

  • They say that a little trim helps it start growing again (: Love your blog!


  • ¿Cuándo podremos ver tu habitación? ;_; Me voy a volver loca revisando tu blog a cada minuto para ver si subes fotos de ella jajajaja
    Como dicen por ahí arriba, todo lo que sea hormonación va a hacerlo crecer más rápido, así como el mejunje de champú y cebolla. Si finalmente lo pruebas, danos tu veredicto, que estoy en tu situación! xD
    Saludos desde Barcelona :3

  • To help your hair grow faster, there is something called “Shampoo Bomba” in Brazil (you might wanna google it). But you can really make it on your own. To 100 ml of Shampoo, add 1ml of MONOVIN A and 1ml of BEPANTOL. I’m not sure if they sell it there so good luck :).

  • Lo mejor para que crezca el pelo es cortar las puntas cada tres meses (sobre todo si te haces la plancha) más o menos, si no las cortas las puntas estropeadas se caen y parece que el pelo nunca crece. Además es importante hidratarlo bien con mascarilla y serum para las puntas. El aceite de almendras también es bueno para el pelo.
    En fin, llevo siguiendo tu blog desde hace más de un año pero hasta ahora nunca habia comentado y queria decirte que me encanta como vistes, como eres y que eres uno de mis modelos a seguir.
    Besosss! Sigue asi!

  • omg, this outfit is just so beauitful. totally love the shirt and the boots


  • Eat lots of healthy fats like avocado and eggs. Avocado and an egg yolk mashed together makes a really good hair mask (and you can put it on your skin too!) Good Luck!!

  • Try it’s a 10 leave in conditioner. they also make a shampoo & conditioner. You can find it at beauty supplies, walgreens, etc. it’s awesome!

  • Love that t-shirt! You could do blonde extensions since the tips of your hair are always blonde anyway. And the same thing happens to me, in certain months in the year my hair just grows slower..anyway! Maybe you can try doing oil treatments to your scalp every week to stimulate growth? like adding warm castor oil, coconut oil – etc. and rubbing it in and then washing it out if you want.

  • I saw that app, but was a little skeptical. Is the t-shirt comfy? What size did you get; it looks so cool on you!

  • Meee encanta este outfit, en especial la remera!
    un beso!

  • El outfit esta realmien bello, el t-shirt se quedo muy bien!

  • love your boots, love your hair! xx

  • Love your tee!
    And those boots are amazing!
    Amazing outfit.


  • Maybe I have something for you : http://www.lushusa.com/NEW!/02009,en_US,pd.html?start=1&cgid=liquid-shampoos
    The bar-shampoo is pretty surprising and the smells is special, but it works on me !
    Can’t be back to liquid shampoo since I met solid shampoo.

  • I love your shirt! I can’t believe there is an app like that! I am going to try it out. The fit looks nice on you! What size did you get?

  • usa pastillas anticonceptivas !! chancalas hasta que se hagan polvo y ponlas en tu shampoo hacen maravillas !!!!

  • What should i say? I love your style, i love your Blog(!) and i love this outfit! The combination between the floral print shirt and grunge shoes is perfect!!
    XX, Juju


  • Been using Alpecin caffeine shampoo, it’s fantastic, not sure if you can get it in the US though, although I’d say you can

  • Hey Lua! For hair growth, I swear by taking Biotin. I took it regularly for a few months and my hair was seriously growing half an inch a month. Also, Pravana has a shampoo called Biojen. It’s loaded with Biotin and other herbs that stimulate hair growth. I used it, and I was extremely impressed with how much my hair grew. Hope this helps! Have a wonderful day!

  • Hey girl! I love your hair! It looks so healthy! I’m about to trythis site to get my hair back to good health after I had a mishap with the flat iron. I hope mine looks as good as yours someday!

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