April 29, 2010

You really quite belonged like a pearl among the swine

The one who reads the stars has told me
Why you’re not like everyone
Your father is a fiery wizard
He travels all around the sun
No one ever knew just where you came from
Orphan girl, you grew up wild
Your father left you on the way home
Yes, girl, you’re a Jupiter’s child

You really quite belonged
Like a pearl among the swine
You tried to live the way we do
Hoping you would learn in time
But, mankind, with all it’s virtue
Will soon make you lose your smile
On this earth, with all it’s madness
Heaven help a Jupiter’s child

(Jupiter Child – Steppenwolf)

Tried to braid my bangs. I really dont know if it worked, it looks a little messed up. I bought this loose shirt last week, Ive been using it almost everyday. Last time I wore it with a simple white tee, ripped denims and black sandals. It matches with every single thing in my closet. I cant wait to wear it with my leather jacket. The boots again, of course. And my lovely acdc shirt which Im using for the first time. I need to trust more in simple vintage looking t-shirts.


I’ve been thinking about dying my hair darker at this stage of the year. Winter makes me want dark hair. I dont know if I should keep it up with my bangs or let them grow and end up like the pictures above (without hair clips of course).
What do you think? I would like some opinions as everyday I change my mind!

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