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Last of 2011.




These are really really random pictures. The first ones were taken in the airport when I was still in Ny. I was wearing a vintage sweatshirt and Romwe velvet leggings. The rest of the pictures were shot during these days ive been in Peru! you can see that i mostly took pictures to



Jacket- Second hand (H&M), Pullover- Glamour Kills, Pants- H&M, Creepers - Romwe, Blouse - vintage

Casual outfit. I literally was heading out and asked my boyfriend to take me a couple of quick snaps to show you the outfit! Really comfortable and extremely warm. Whenever you want to wear a pullover, just add a

Day drags by like a wounded animal


Top- Okie Dokie Shop, Jumper- Batoko, Docs- vintage, Blouse- vintage, Leggings- BlackMilk

Hello yall, merry chistmas :)
This is one of the "softest" outfits ive put together lately. The jumper is so warm and ugh its delicious. I just felt like layering and layering.
Yesterday I had a really fun Christmas Eve.. me, my

All the forest is bewitched


Jacket- Modekungen, Leggings & sunglasses- 80spurple, Top- vintage, Shoes- Wholesale.

I found this tee in a thrift store in NY, I really like it a lot. Its from a Swedish black metal band, Nifelheim. As you know im very fond of glittery stuff lately, whether pair it with gothic/dark elements or in colorful

Drifter’s Escape


Tee- Beginning Boutique (Unif)Shorts- vintageCreepers- RomweJacket- Second hand (H&M)Beanie - friends
I just cant get enough of this jacket, I love how fit yet comfortable it is. And the "boyfriend" shorts are from a thrift store. They were all ragged and kind of broken, perfectly to be rolled up.   Im enjoying the sun here

Knitted Maxi


Maxi Skirt - AllainbellaShirt - VintageJacket- H&M , thrifted

Finally back in Peru! I cant write much right now but all I can say is im so happy to be with my family again. I have a lot of outfit pictures that i took last week in NY so I will be posting some



Coat- Ebay
Glasses- 80s Purple
Im waiting for another presentation right now  so this will be pretty short!
This is something I posted on Lookbook some time ago for an Ebay x Lookbook collab. I got the jacket from Ebay. Its faux, by the way. The tee is one of my favorites