I want winter


Its weird wanting winter so much after having only one month of summer due to my return from Park City. I have been in the snow from december to march and now I want it back!
Why? Because of these lovely garments:

1. Chunky scarves

2. Combat lace up boots (I know you can use

♥ the 90s


I loved the Craft movie so much when I was little. I never realized the brilliance of their style.
Leather jackets, cross earings, rosaries, mesh dresses, amazing shoes, suspender with black little skirts, zippers, tights with socks, thigh high socks and dark lips.

More 90´s:
Lace, leather, floral skirts, crosses, grunge shirts, jean vests, etc.

the boots ♥



I found these boots on the sort of peruvian "ebay". The problem with the peruvian "ebay" is that the things sold there SUCK. (want to prove it by yourself ? click here)
You really really have to be on a good mood to get in there, things are tacky and boring. I

You were swinging for Mars


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I want winter now. After being in the snow all this winter in Utah and coming back to an extreme hot summer I want cold air. Im sick of wearing shorts and light tops. I want chunky scarves!

I'm starting a new brand of clothings. It will consist


these guys are my favorites:

These pictures are so sweet.

I swear I was the little girl in the first picture when I was a kid. I had a HUGE obsession with Barbies.im serious, I was crazy for them. The second picture made me laugh out loud.

Here I stand, in front of your imagination.


I want some harem pants. I dont know why suddenly I switched from hating them to loving them. I told you I would post my new boots but its to hot here to wear them! I will take a pic of them and post it.
I am going through a movie addiction phase. I want

I heard somebody say that the war ended today


Tiger tee and docs typically combined. Im scared of a future docmartens overuse this following winter. I love this necklace to death, it matches with everything.
I just bought a pair of boots today. huray! wanted some like them a loong time ago. I'll show you in my next post :)