Bullet Boy


Having some coffee and listening to Massive Attack right now.
The other day I saved about a million of images I really liked.

This tattoo looks amazing.


Today was an exhaustive day. I went with my best friend to a market where we ordered some graphic white tees. We left some pictures of Twiggy,



These are the most recent pictures that caught my attention.

1. Black floral vintage dresses are my favorite.

2. Shirts around the waist with cutted off vintage tees is so 90s and I love it.

3. Love the hippie look of dark brown jackets.

4. Really into colourful blazers with intense lip colour.

5. The



I saw these two lovely rings in a little market near my university and I knew they had to be mine. Ive been searching for these kind of rings forever. I am planning to go back and get a few more!

ps: Ya hemos lanzado el blog de la nueva linea. Para las que ya

Radioactive Toy


48st entry! I never thought I would post so often and that it would be so fun. I love to get back home and find my inbox filled with lovely comments from YOU!
This outfit is pretty common but I love how simple it is. Same shorts, same tights and same docs as always. I'm

Old sketches


Some old ladies I drew a couple of years ago. Found this drawings this afternoon and thought it would be nice a little sharing. Love drawing different characters. These were drawn during a boring class in an old school block. As you may see, I like thick strokes made with an intense black pen.


Agaetis Byrjun


Ok, so this will be a messy post.
I am loving vintage dark grey tees. They look amazing with everything. The tee on the first pic would look amazing with a leather jacket and the one on the second picture with a jean jacket. Ahh I want both of them!! For me, tees need to

You’re just like crosstown traffic


Thank you guys so much for making this look successful! Here im posting more pictures of the same outfit!
The beanie or whatever it is I bought it at Albertsons in Utah, haha. I wanted one but they were so expensive that I bought it on a supermarket. The top I have it since I