You’re just like crosstown traffic


Thank you guys so much for making this look successful! Here im posting more pictures of the same outfit!
The beanie or whatever it is I bought it at Albertsons in Utah, haha. I wanted one but they were so expensive that I bought it on a supermarket. The top I have it since I

Shes got the grown up blues.


Sick!! I am coughing every 2 seconds and it hurts so bad. Hate being sick, having a cold, not having taste at all, being dizzy and unable to move. it sucks.

I really like this jean jacket despise the fact that I hate 3/4 sleeves. Also this T-shirt is one of my favorites. Im planning

A bad little kid moved into my neighborhood


ok, this picture was flagged :( and they deleted it. I guess it needed to be from head to knee.
I dont have big pictures of this look where my legs are shown.
How many pictures are like these in lookbook? There is a plenty and they had to flag mine :(

This is what

Blame it on the Tetons


Loving this lace dress to death. This is another one of the garments im going to sell. It was made by me! I know I keep posting pictures of our brand garments, but we are working on the webpage so that we launch it with all the dresses and tops we will put on stock.



Winter is almost here. I cannot explain the perfect weather we experience in this season of the year. Its never too cold, but cold enough to wear a coat with lots of layers inside. Love the feeling of coldness in the cheeks and the warmth of a soft sweater.
So, as were approaching to winter



Friday night. Doing nothing. Robbed my sisters school supplies. Drawing & sketching. Crayons. Ink and lined paper that smells just fine. And finally, new header.
ps: the last picture was taken by my boyfriend the other day.

summers gone


Another top that we are selling! We have lots of pictures of what we are selling so we will launch the brand anytime soon.
I almost kill my cousin when he realized he took all pictures with the dirty lens. It had a spot for the whole goddamn day. Thats why the blur on the

Thank you Fashionjinx!


I've been featured by fashionjinx, to check the interview click here!
I really love this site and find amazing the idea of making interviews to different bloggers around the world. You gotta check out all the interviews of the amazing girls out there.

Another couple of old pictures I never posted!